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Steps to add Read CSV to Selenium IDE

Thanks for all your appreciations, i am adding this post to help with installation.

Before you start, download csvreader file and save it to any place you want, just make sure you remember the path.

Then install Selenium IDE, and then go to “Options” and Select Option on menu bar.

Then, on General tab you will have an option of “Selenium Core extensions(user-extensions.js)” click on Browse.



Find the csvreader file you just saved and add its path click “Open”.

Restart Selenium IDE,

That’s it!
You are done setting up the add-on.

Including test script.

Add the sample test case and edit the file path.
Run the test case and see the logs generated.



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    Hi…trying to step thru/understand the “readcsv.html” code snippet…

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    2) Do you have an example that would read all the entries of the “CSV” file (e.g., by using a Do Loop Structure?)

    3) Do you know of an add-on that will allow batch entry into an Windows RDP application?

    Thanks, John

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