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Steps to add Read CSV to Selenium IDE

Thanks for all your appreciations, i am adding this post to help with installation.

Before you start, download csvreader file and save it to any place you want, just make sure you remember the path.

Then install Selenium IDE, and then go to “Options” and Select Option on menu bar.

Then, on General tab you will have an option of “Selenium Core extensions(user-extensions.js)” click on Browse.



Find the csvreader file you just saved and add its path click “Open”.

Restart Selenium IDE,

That’s it!
You are done setting up the add-on.

Including test script.

Add the sample test case and edit the file path.
Run the test case and see the logs generated.


Do I need to build a new selenium framework or can I use an existing one?


Till now you need to build one (I didn’t find one), now you can use one.

Another common question most people starting with selenium have is: I’m developing a new Selenium Framework, where should I start?

I have worked on writing down Framework in Selenium for two of my employer

  • Principal Global Services – RIS Business Unit
  • Adobe – ColdFusion

Working more than an year on Selenium and testing a bunch of Enterprise Application, I still find it difficult to build a new one every time, but after working on a few I see most of the requirements are same so, I started jotting them down.

Benefit of using an existing one is associated with hard dollar saving but more of time and effort required.


After a ton of research and taking too many people in different organizations I started this project on GIT so that anyone can use, update or upgrade.

Your inputs are more important and do share if you find it beneficial.

If you wish to collaborate please drop me note I will be happy to have you.


Read a CSV file in Selenium IDE

Finally, here is simple yet efficient code to read a CSV file in Selenium IDE for data driven testing.

Two commands needed to do this, first you need to read file so use “Readcsv” file and this will read you file, you can use this data in multiple test cases, test suite by specifying cell position of data you want to read so use the second command “StoreCellValue” specify variable name and use this across your test case/ test suite.

You can also specify dynamic values instead of static values for cell positions.



Add below JavaScript file to your Selenium IDE plug-in. Using options menu.

CSVRead_Selenium IDE (code file)

I have also added example code.

readcsv(example file)

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